About the Royal Commission

Our mandate is motivated and inspired by the city of Makkah. Established by the Royal Decree, our ambition is to equally serve the interests of all parties benefitting from or supporting Makkah including visitors, residents, investors pilgrims and all other beneficiaries of Makkah City. Our directive includes elevating the status of Makkah City and its Holy Sites as an Islamic destination globally. Secondly, we aim to establish it as one of the most attractive places to live, work and visit. Thirdly, we aim to form a business environment and culture that makes the city compelling to investors. Finally, we look to create competitive advantages to enhance the city of Makkah as a destination for innovation and affiliated sectors.

By Royal Decree

About Us

The royal mandate of the Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites is to improve services in Makkah City and Holy Sites in a manner that is commensurate with their sanctity, with the singular aim to enhance, strengthen and evolve the city of Makkah for the benefit of all.


The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites is mandated to upgrade services related to the city’s development, social, health, education, cultural, civic, technology, water, environment, commercial, investment, and hospitality sectors. As well as those related to housing, tourism, monuments, transportation, communications, and energy.

Our Leadership

Our dedicated and experienced Board is endowed with the honour and privilege of shaping the future of Makkah city, which is revered and spiritually treasured by more than one billion people around the world.

A City at the heart of Islam

Until the first half of the 20th century, Makkah was a small city of spacious stone houses. Since then, Makkah has experienced unprecedented Islamic growth and expansion by becoming the center of Islamic worship for millions around the world. Just as the pilgrim comes to Makkah to reflect and reassess, Makkah city must similarly experience continued future progression. Our mission as the Royal Commission is to be the instrument enabling the continued growth and acceleration of Makkah. We work to enable Makkah’s advancement by positively contributing to the continual evolution of Makkah in accordance with the laws of sanctity and the need for a more balanced, innovative and ergonomic standard for all its guests and citizens.